Training sessions are customisable & interactive and last 60 minutes. Pride Partners receive 2 training or consultation sessions annually as part of our Partnership Package and 25% off fees for additional sessions. In addition to our standard modules we have a panel of speakers and facilitators who can work with you to help develop and deliver training sessions to meet your own needs or take part in your own Pride events.


Online – €1,000 (Pride Partners – €750)

In person – €1,250 (Pride Partners – €937.50)

We are a not for profit company, all training fees are reinvested in community projects. We also offer free or subsidised training for not-for-profit and community organisations.


Letters and Stripes

Getting to grips with LGBTQ+ terminology, understanding pronouns, and understanding all those different flags, can feel a little daunting at first for many.

Terms can change and evolve every now and then, but it does not have to be a taboo conversation. From understanding the differences between Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Biological Sex to getting a hold on pronouns, and why the ever changing Pride Flags are things to be embraced – we have got you covered!

We are happy to provide a safe environment where people can ask questions, learn about things and share their outlook and experiences – making your place of work more inclusive and supportive for all who work there.


How To Be An Ally

Being an LGBTQ+ ally can make a huge difference for those in the workplace, as well as in everyday life, whether you show your allyship by showing up to Pride Parades or just standing up against homophobia or transphobia. It is super easy too – but sometimes we may worry about using our voices in case we offend or say the wrong thing. Join us as we go through talking about the power of allies, confronting our own bias and identifying hurtful or damaging language.

This informal workshop will aim to show people how they can make a huge difference through everyday acts of kindness.


The Journey of Pride

Want to know your protests from your parades? From The Stonewall Inn of New York City to Fairview Park in Dublin, global and local events helped shape the journey of LGBTQ+ people and their communities. With hard-fought victories in Ireland in terms of Marriage Equality, blood donation and Gender Recognition – what are the most pressing priorities for LGBTQ+ organisations now? How can we support groups and organisations trying to operate in hostile countries, and what can everyone do to make a difference?

Join us for an informative session that will help shine a light on all the work, past and present and how much there still is to do.

A toilet sign wherein the dress part of the female toilet sign forms a cape on the male toilet sign. The head is a pangender symbol.


Gender 101

Gender. It is at the core of our very being. It’s deeply personal, and at the same time, rooted in societal beliefs and conventions. It’s about how we feel, dress, talk and move.

But what does it mean to be cisgender, non-binary or transgender? How does gender manifest, and how can we support diverse gender identities in our day-to-day lives? In this session, we will tackle these questions and learn about the complexity and the beauty of gender.

Is dóchas é BRÓD. Pride is hope.


LGBTQ+ and D&I in the Workplace

The workplace is an important social forum for most of us, and we want to bring our authentic selves to work. However, for LGBTQ+ people, that’s not always possible as workplace discrimination persists across sectors.

Learn all about persisting inequalities, encouraging LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion and the history of LGBTQ+ workers’ rights in Ireland.

Is ceiliúradh é BRÓD. Pride is celebration.


Rainbow Connection

People are the driving force behind any activist movement, and sustainable, effective support starts with community engagement.

This module is specifically designed for not-for-profit organisations that want to learn more about supporting rainbow communities. From an overview of LGBTQ+ organisations as well as practical tips on how to meaningfully connect with rainbow communities with the resources that are available.

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